3 Simple Tricks To Help New Marketers Improve Social Media Ads

Even though it snowed here in New York yesterday – summer isn’t too far off.


Some of you might have even started looking into vacations.


Destinations, airfare, hotels, things to do.


After a few days of browsing, you went over to Facebook to see what your friends would recommend.


But, just when you were about to click Post, you noticed something.


Your news feed was taken over by Sponsored Posts from big fish like Expedia and Travelocity, and little fish that want to teach you about “travel hacking”.


And when you looked at these posts a little closer, you thought to yourself:


“I could do better than that.”


Some of the offers didn’t even seem good.  Some of the ads seemed amateur-ish.


Whatever the case, you saw these ads and thought to yourself:  If they’re making good money off that, I could make a killing.


And the truth is, you’re probably right.  Since I’ve started using Facebook ads 10 days ago to get the word out about my website, I’ve found it to be ridiculously easy to get worthwhile results.


Below are the 3 biggest takeaways I’ve had since I started running Facebook ads 10 days ago.  If you’re getting ready to launch your first campaign, keep these in mind to have a head start.


1:  It’s Shockingly Cheap


If you’re starting a blog like I am, you don’t really have much money to play around with.


Even if you have an established online business, you can only budget so much money for marketing.


Either way, you’re probably thinking Facebook ads are too expensive.  After all, it’s the most common marketing strategy used today.


But believe it or not, it’s the most affordable, too.


You can spend just 5 bucks a day – and get worthwhile results.


For example, since my website is new, my goal is to see what type of article concepts people are interested in by using Facebook ads.


By spending 5 bucks a day, I get the article of my choice in front of thousands of Facebook users.  Some get tons of likes, shares and comments – while others barely get any reaction at all.


But now I know which types of articles are worth writing.


Also, I get a lot of social proof on my best posts for when it’s time to launch traffic campaigns (more on that later).


But for now, understand that you can afford to use Facebook ads.


2:  Engagement, Traffic, & Conversions


Since I never used Facebook ads before, I found the accuracy of these 3 campaigns to be fascinating.


See, when you run a Facebook ad campaign, there’s different campaign types you can choose.


The 3 most popular are engagement, traffic and conversion.


Engagement:  Optimizes your posts to be shown to people who will like, comment, or share your post.  But they probably won’t actually click the post and read it.


Traffic:  Optimizes your posts to be shown to people who will read your post, but they probably won’t like, comment, or share it.


Conversions:  Optimizes your posts to be shown to people who will click on it and then opt-in to your e-mail list or buy something.  But they probably won’t like, comment, or share it.


What I’m so fascinated by with this is how much of a difference it really makes.


For example, I’ve run engagement campaigns where I’ve gotten tons of action on a post.  But then I’ll look at my website statistics, and not even 10% of the people who liked, commented, or shared actually read the article.


This is what I was talking about earlier when I said I was getting social proof on my posts.


Now I have all of these likes, comments and shares on my best posts.  So when it does come time to run the traffic campaigns, I’ll get the most amount of clicks possible.  Think about it, do you read articles that have just 2 likes?


But the big takeaway here is that the type of campaign you run really does matter.  I didn’t think Facebook could possibly differentiate between people who will just like your post and people who will actually read it – but I’ve watched this unfold.


If you start using Facebook ads, make sure you’re choosing the right type of campaign.


3:  Images Make a Crazy Difference


Before running Facebook ads, I didn’t really think twice about the images I’d put up with my posts.


I figured if the headline was captivating and the content was helpful, people would check out my articles.


So I basically put the first stock image I could find that was even slightly related to the headline, and called it a day.


But then I took an online course about Facebook ads, and I noticed the instructor kept subtly mentioning the importance of images.


And he wasn’t doing it on purpose.  The course was for people who already knew how to use Facebook ads, and were now looking for specific strategies.


I could tell he was subconsciously saying the phrases that were taught to him to remember what makes a good image.


So the next ad I ran, I put those sayings to use, and chose an image strategically.


The result?  The most reactions I’ve ever gotten on a post.


Here’s a couple of things to consider when choosing an image for your Facebook ad:


A:  Faces.  It’s Facebook, after all.  People log on to see what others are up to.  Not only that, but a face tricks the algorithm into thinking it’s not a stock image – so your ad is shown to more people.


B:  Vibrant colors.  People are scrolling through their feed quickly.  They usually only stop for someone they really like – let alone an ad.  Having loud colors in your post can stop them dead in their tracks to check it out.


When you start running your campaign, remember how important the image can be.


Closing Thoughts


If you’ve made it this far, I hope it’s because you’re starting to think:


“If he figured all this out in 10 days, I can do it, too.”


Because you can.


And let’s face it, I’ve created a blog about making money online because I don’t want to have to settle for a regular 9 to 5.


And you’re reading this post because you have the same goal.


Well, using Facebook ads is the best way to grow an online business and escape the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle.


You can reach readers, customers, clients – whatever type of online business you’re launching, Facebook ads can help take it to the next level.


Have you used FB ads recently?  What was your experience like?


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